Aren Group Grows

Our new company, Aren Group, has joined our company VERMONT FLOWER to produce and design with the technology that has proven itself in the world about the design of dead flowers. Vermont was founded by a pair of French Paul and Belgian Ginette Lambert, who share a deep love for flowers and make their passion an extraordinary craft. Vermont got the name of their house in France. Since 1981, they have picked the most beautiful flowers from all over the world and have been gaining beauty with innovative conservation methods.

Aren Group - Bezmialem Medical Faculty Hospital Business Association

Aren Group and Bezmialem Medical Faculty Hospital are carrying out different and high quality service projects in the field of HEALTH TRIISM by combining their powers under a joint project.

In our solution partner, BEZMİALEM HOSPITAL, we provide you with the safest and most comfortable treatment for your treatment with our doctors who specialize in each of them, by staying in our hospitals in comfort of your home.