We Expand Your Influence on International Trade

We also provide consultancy services to our customers in customs procedures as well as customized transactions of our customers.

In order to make import and export more simple and fast, we offer you advantageous and efficient solutions as AREN GROUP. Because we know; The import and export solutions we offer to the firm are not just about producing solutions for companies that buy services from us. The support of foreign trade activities and the fact that in the field of foreign trade, such as AREN GROUP, are the brands that produce fast solutions, it is also a big step for eliminating the shortcomings of our country on foreign trade. Because customs clearance is an indispensable part of foreign trade activities.

While the customs procedures applied during import are different, the customs procedures applied during export are different. There are also significant differences in legal legislation in both, both of which are the key points to be considered separately. We are proud to be a part of the solution of all kinds of roughness which can be disagreeable in the customs procedures which are subject to import and export.

Among the products we export mainly as AREN GROUP are "Water, Water brands, Aroma soda, Aromatic water, Vitamin water, Coal, Soda, Textile etc."

international transportation

The world has not shrunk, we are growing up with the motto we are finding solutions to your logistics questions that come as a result of globalization in this way without any problems. We support our customers with our extensive logistics network in domestic and international transportation services from domestic transportation to intermediate transportation services.

Land Transport
Sea transport
Air transportation

Warehouse and Logistics

We provide fast and reliable services to our importers with 24 high quality cameras in 5.000 mt² indoor area. With modern machines and our experienced team, the products are stocked with the maximum cost advantage according to their type and characteristics. Rapid loading and unloading is carried out with our eight truck ramps. Aren Group with Customs warehousing, Duty-free warehousing and Cold Customs Warehousing Services is always with you. Service is provided with different tonnage vehicles regardless of region, regarding the delivery of the nationalized products to addresses and the free warehouse shipment.

International Product Supply

As AREN GROUP we are able to supply the most suitable product for you on 4 countries 12 countries worldwide. Aren Group provides you with the right price policy and product supply service in a variety of products in a perfect and fast manner. We know that time is very valuable to you and we have found ourselves in a way to conclude your projects as soon as possible without wasting your time.